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Camelia has a mission to rise consciousness and improve your health!

Identified as "the solo female traveller", she attended prestigious hotel management schools in Spain and Switzerland, which enabled her to acquire 23 years of knowledge in the world's leading luxury hotels,  giving her extensive experience in customer service. She has held management positions and developed 14 years in the holistic field. Implementing a Yogi life style, she took part in numerous events around this activity, participated in group and individual healing sessions with massage therapy, Ayurveda science, and Reiki healing.

In 2012, She travelled to India, to the source, in the Himalayan mountains, where she took the initiative to learn and study yoga in depth, under the care of Siromanis, Acharias teachers who taught her the principles of Hatha yoga and the philosophy of life.

With the idea of combining high standard services, making her own healthy products and providing unique and memorable experience to her clients, she creates yoga programs and wellness retreats in Spain where she is based, and in other countries whenever possible. 

She believes that the best qualities you can have in your life to fully shine, are your dedication, passion, and freedom. 

Languages spoken:
French / English / Arabic / Spanish / German


"Yoga is much more then just poses, it is about you, the entire you, and your unique growth".

Souvent en deplacement un peu partout dans le monde, Camelia offre ses services en collaborations avec des companies de renom, en prive ou en publique.

"Le yoga est bien plus que de simples poses, il s'agit de vous, de vous-même et de votre croissance unique."


Dans notre vie moderne, nous sommes dirigés vers ce que nous appelons "la vie superficielle", totalement déconnectée de la nature, car nous passons la plupart de notre temps dans des portes et derrière des écrans.


 Nous sommes une équipe dévouée, ici pour vous apporter l'assistance que vous méritez, vous aider à vous réaligner sur votre objectif et à exister dans le présent.

"Soyez assez courageux pour vivre la vie de vos rêves selon votre vision et votre objectif au lieu des attentes et des opinions des autres." 


Yoga Teacher & Healer



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